Elon Musk is interested in various applications of artificial intelligence. One of them is the bot playing the Dota 2 game. Behind this project is the OpenAI group, which has already achieved its first successes in the duels of man versus machine. However, so far they have been a 1 vs 1 mode. This time, the OpenAI company is putting on the August 2018 tournament The whole team consisting of bots controlled by artificial intelligence.

Why do Elon Musk and other companies invest in artificial intelligence playing games? After all, these funds could be spent on more useful research. The truth is that this type of experiment is meant to show to what extent artificial intelligence is able to cope with the work in a complex and dynamic environment, which are contemporary multiplayer games. If the developed algorithms prove themselves in the battle with the best Dota 2 players, there is a good chance that they will also manage traffic analysis. It sounds a bit futuristic, but the company OpenAI has already been successful. One of them is the victory in a 1 on 1 duel with one of the best Dota 2 players. The duel took place a year ago and to the organizers’ surprise, artificial intelligence won against a man. However, controlling one character is much easier than fighting 5 bots on one team.

Artificial Intelligence OpenAI has learned to collaborate while playing Dota 2

At the beginning it is worth noting that OpenAI’s artificial intelligence learns to play with itself. All the strategies noted by the researchers are the result of many hours of sessions, during which two independent instances are fighting each other. One of them is still learning and the other one is blocked. When the learning bot achieves an advantage, it is cloned and the researchers continue the process. The genetic algorithms work underneath all the time, which on the basis of the results achieved determine which behaviours bring the intended effect, and which are meaningless and translate into a failure. In the following video, OpenAI employees present strategies that their artificial intelligence used when playing with real Dota 2 players.

Nobody should be surprised by the fact that a team of bots has learned how to combine the attacks of individual characters. However, in my opinion the most interesting is that artificial intelligence has also developed a strategy of dedicating one character so that the team can win. This is what a real team game is. I wonder if the OpenAI Five team will win the August tournament.

Source: Wired