Smartphones are often subjected to various endurance tests. One of them is a classic drop test, i.e. a test consisting in dropping a smartphone from a certain height. In this respect, we do not have a special leader among manufacturers of mobile devices. However, Apple can be proud of its iPhones. There have been two stories recently around the network. One is about the iPhone falling from the carousel at a height of 150 meters, and the other is about a smartphone that slipped out of a woman flying by plane 300 meters above the ground. In both cases, the phones survived.

I do not know if it’s a question of the popularity of iPhones in the US, or maybe it is a special feature of Apple fans. However, it is somehow that most stories about smartphones falling from a great height are for Apple devices. It seems that owners of iPhones have a tendency to pull phones when they should be in the pocket or bottom of the backpack. The first story concerns Cansel Yildirim, who wanted to capture his ride on the StarFlyer carousel in Orlando with his iPhone 7 Plus. However, the smartphone slipped out of her hands and fell from a height of 150 meters. The best in this story is that the iPhone was recording during the fall and survived the fall.

The second iPhone fell out of the flying plane

This is not the first time that any of the iPhones wanted to fly. Stories of this type mainly concern recreational flights with small planes. Sarvinder Naberhaus wanted to take some photos while flying by plane. However, when she pulled it out and pulled it out of the windscreen, something “unexpected” happened. The wind wrenched her from the hands of the iPhone. The woman wanted to buy a new phone, but she found her lost by using the ‘Find my iPhone’ application. Fortunately, the phone landed in the grass, However, nobody was able to believe that the smartphone can survive a fall from a height of 300 meters.

Source: PhoneArena