People are able to wite hours about the removal of audio jack interface the iPhone 7 smartphones. Supporters is as much as opponents – at least so says the statistics. However, this is quite a controversial subject. But I would like to write about another change planned in the new upcoming smartphone from Apple, i.e. iPhone 8.

This model will be probably released in the next year and we already can find several information about this in the network. It also turns out that Apple plans to introduce a new mechanism that will be appreciated by Apple users. Although, similar solution is already present for an example in the newest Xiaomi Mi 5s. This Chinese electronics manufacturer has applied the Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology which uses the ultrasonic waves.

Apple is working on fingerprint reader located under the screen.

At the moment it is placed in the Home button below the screen. Solution fairly intuitive. In the case of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S it works really well. The plan, however, is more modern. Apple wants to scan a fingerprint on an ultrasound, which will make the iPhone 8 finger can be scanned in any part of the screen. This does not mean, however, completely get rid of the home button. In this technology certainly it will be equipped with iPhone 8. It is also possible that you can get a certain iPad and the next model from iPhone 7 series, e.g. iPhone 7S. I want to see what comes from the hands of Apple in the next year. I hope that iPhone 8 will be revolutionary smartphone with a lot of innovations.

Apple patent - fingerprint sensor
New fingerprint recognition patent from Apple.