Apple is certainly happy with the idea of ​​launching the “budget” iPhone XR. This is a very popular model. Unfortunately, the currently sold version has LTE antennas worse those found in the iPhone XS. Fortunately, this year’s “budget” Apple’s mobile will make up for these losses and will be able to achieve even faster data transmission.

The Cupertino giant has had two affairs related to the antennas used in iPhones. The first one concerned the “revolutionary” solution used in the iPhone 4. It was the first smartphone with a multi-band antenna printed on the casing. Unfortunately, “inappropriate” smartphone holding changed the parameters of the antenna, which in practice meant problems with coverage. Steve Jobs then came up with the idea to educate Apple customers on how to hold the smartphone and showed how to hold the iPhone 4. Finally, the problem was solved by a rubber case. Another problem appeared just after the premiere of the iPhone XS/XS Max, which is the first Apple smartphone with 4×4 MIMO antennas. Unfortunately, it turned out that some customers have a problem with LTE and Wi-Fi 5 GHz coverage. The source of the problem turned out to be new antennas, which have a low energy gain, which means poorer signal reception.

Will the iPhone XR 2019 have as weak antennas as the iPhone XS?

The “antennagate 2018” affair did not get any summary or statement from Apple. Everything indicates that the source of problem are antennas with low gain. It is quite possible that this year Apple will use another antenna provider that will have components with better parameters. We can count on the fact that the 4×4 MIMO mode in the successor of the iPhone XR will work as it should. As it happens, buyers of new “budget” smartphones will enjoy even faster mobile Internet. 4×4 MIMO not only doubles the maximum data download speed, but also improves the quality of the received signal.

Information on the 4×4 MIMO antennas in the successor of the iPhone XR comes from an analytical note received by the MacRumors service. Therefore, you should treat them as a supposition, not a leak.

Source: 9to5mac