Recently Apple has refreshed their line of MacBook Pro computers. Generally, when we buy hardware, then we expect that it will much faster than its predecessor. However, Apple is not the company which is focused on the performance, because in their opinion, people take care more about new functionalities than the benchmark results. Therefore, in case of the newest MacBook Pro laptops the most important are: Touch Bar, Touch ID support, extra thinness and lightness.

It is not known why Apple has decided to skip the newest Intel processors, i.e. Kaby Lake. However, it may be caused by the fact that these processors were not ready when Apple engineers were designing new MacBook Pro computers. Now there is the question. Does the upgrade from Broadwell processors to the Skylake line bring performance increase?

The report from MacRumors shows that new MacBook Pro computers provide the performance very similar to their predecessor.

Are you surprised? The well known set of benchmarks from Geekbench show that there is very small difference in performance when we compare results for the same processor class. For an example, the Core i5-6860U in the 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro has achieved 6 970 points. It is only 3% more than 6 782 points achieved by the Core i5-5287U in the 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the report does not cover the most powerful version of this year MacBook Pro with Core i7 processor.

MacBook Pro geekbench
Comparison of benchmark results for MacBook computers (source: MacRumors).

New MacBook computers are more power efficient than the previous ones.

As you can see, there is no so much difference in the performance. However, new Skylake processors consume only 15 W of energy, while Broadwell CPU used in the last year MacBook consumes 28 W of power. These data are valid for the entry models. Therefore, Apple could degrease the battery from 74.9 Wh to 54.5 Wh and achieve comparable battery life time. Thanks to this, it was possible to design much thinner computers. As you can see, new MacBook Pro laptops are much better than the previous model, but you should not expect that they will be faster.