Some time ago, the network became loud about battery problems with the new Apple computers, especially in MacBook Pro. There is no denying that this is equipment of the highest quality, so everyone has exorbitant demands to these machines. It turned out that the tests conducted by Consumer Reports battery life varied between 19 hours 30 minutes and 3 hours and 45 minutes. Through this discrepancy results, the MacBook Pro is the first computer that hasn’t received the recommendation from Consumer Reports.

Right after that, the forums began to appear with user posts, where they experienced the same problems with MacBook Pro. The new Apple computers were rapidly unloaded and off. Apple reaction was a little funny, because they removed from the system MacOS information about the remaining battery life. This option was simply confusing for users of the new MacBook Pro. It turned out, however, that the cause of the problem wasn’t hardware base. With the battery in the new Apple computers is all right, and problem was in the newest software.

Tests performed by Consumer Reports discovered a bug in Safari.

There is no denying Apple was very worried about test results. Information about unsatisfactory and variable times of battery could result in very weak sales of the new product. What’s more, Apple engineers weren’t able to see this problem during their tests. Therefore, not all of them had rest during the Christmas break. Apple engineers have received from Consumer Reports, a series of diagnostic files collected during these tests. It turned out that the test procedure uses the option of developer to disable the cache in the browser. Additionally, this action caused an error in Safari that downloads the collection of icons.

The test was downloading the same sites via Wi-Fi network in the loop.

As you probably guessed, off store pages in the browser cache had a significant impact on the test result. While the discrepancy between the results of tests, could be due to found errors. Apple has provided a patch for Safari under the Beta Software. If you are using a stable version of the MacOS, it’s still you have to wait a bit for an update. Alternatively, you can install yourself open beta. Testers with Consumer Reports gave up already off the browser cache and checked the battery life MacBook Pro after installing patches provided by Apple. Repeated battery performance tests showed the times similar to those given by Apple. I wonder if users who complained about problems with the battery after update also notice an improvement.

Source: Consumer Reports