Apple has been trying to become independent of companies preparing integrated circuits in iPhones for a long time. That’s why the giant decided to hire more specialists who have experience in designing chipsets for mobile devices, including modems. This means that Apple wants to say goodbye to Qualcomm and Intel for good.

Qualcomm has already said goodbye to the title of Apple modem provider. Now, this role fell to Intel, which not only provides LTE modems, but also works on the 5G modem, which will be in iPhones in 2020. However, Apple is not satisfied with this turn of events. Qualcomm is suing the giant all the time for patent infringement, and Intel is delayed in the work on the 5G technology. This means that Apple marketers will have to explain in some smart way to fans of chewed apples that next year’s iPhones will be technologically “backward”. Competitors who have decided to cooperate with Qualcomm will present their first 5G smartphones next year. Apple will do it a year later.

Apple “takes” employees of the competition

Everyone, who works in the IT industry, knows that the best way to implement a fast and successful project is to hire experienced employees. They, in turn, already work on similar projects at the competition. Therefore, you have to lure them with an attractive job offer. And where do engineers who know about wireless technologies work? Of course, in San Diego, the city where Qualcomm’s headquarters are located. This is where Apple intends to hire new employees who will work on wireless chipsets. Placed job advertisements suggest that Apple also intends to produce its own 5G modem.

Apple already has some experience in designing systems responsible for wireless communication. They were found in AirPods headphones and Apple Watch. However, this experience does not allow the giant to independently develop a more advanced system that could be used in iPhone smartphones. Therefore, the giant is looking for engineers who have knowledge of the protocols used in LTE networks. The experience with Bluetooth connectivity is also welcome. In addition, Apple is looking for people familiar with the technologies used in 5G networks and millimeter wave communication.

Source: Bloomberg