The fragmentation of Android operating system is discussed bery often. I will tell you frankly that I thought that after the launch of the new smartphone from Google, the situation will improve. Unfortunately, it looks that the Android market will be fragmented more than now. Android Lollipop (5.0 and 5.1.1) is still very popular version on the market, so there is a lot of smartphones which are exposed to known and fixed vulnerabilities.

I know that this is not so, that the fault lies with the company from Mountain View, but still I can not hide my frustration. True, the manufacturers are to blame for the fact that updates for Android smartphones are rather a dream, but if the owner of the operating system is Google. Therefore, they should be interested in this, that there will be the largest possible number of devices operated to the latest version of Android. A lot of people resign from Android smartphones, because they want to receive new functionalities from time to time without buying new mobile. It turns out that this problem may be even worse.

Android is not bad mobile operating system.

Unfortunately, this is strongly neglected operating system and it can worry about. Statistics are not optimistic, Android Nougat has been released some time ago and its predecessor (i.e. Android Marshmallow) has only 18.7% of the market share. In my opinion, Google should take care of device updates. It is in its own way also easier for developers, who for the moment have a huge number of Android versions to support. Also the lack of updates blocks the development of new applications. Do you remember what happened to Windows version for smartphones? This system is dying and this is only the matter of time when it will happen. Currently, the only winner is Apple, because they provide the latest iOS also for older devices. Until now, only owners of mobiles from Nexus series could count on updates from Google. Unfortunately, this situation is also changing. It turned out that after the premiere of Google Pixel smartphones, the giant from Mountain View has announced the end of support for Nexus 7, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 10 and Nexus 5. At the moment, Google provides support only for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P models. It does not look merrily also the matter of the new functionality in Android. It turns out that some of them have been provided only for Pixel smartphones.

Owners of Nexus smartphones will not receive:

  • a completely new graphical interface named Pixel Launcher,
  • substitute of artificial intelligence in the form of Google Assistant,
  • unlimited space in the Google’s cloud for photos and videos in full quality,
  • automatic transfer of photos and videos to the cloud when the internal storage is full,
  • phone and chat support,
  • the ability to easily migrate data from another device,
  • new image stabilization mode and other camera features.