Some users of Android devices think that the unlocked bootloader is a sign of true freedom. At the same time this function is intended only for advanced users who know what they are doing. It was with them in mind that HMD Global decided to allow unlocking the bootloader in Nokia 8.

HMD Global appreciates good contact with the community. The Finns make sure that smartphones with the Nokia logo are considered devices worth recommending due to their good physical strength, refined software and high-quality technical support. This is why all of Nokia’s receive security bulletins on an ongoing basis, and soon should be updated to Android 9 Pie. However, before this happens, HMD Global has decided to open to users who want to have full control over the purchased smartphone. It is possible only after unlocking the bootloader, which is the first step to unlock the root account and change the firmware. However, there is no rose without thorns. The Nokia 8 with the unlocked bootloader loses the guarantee immediately.

Today, hardly anyone needs a smartphone with an unlocked bootloader

In the past, quite a few people decided to root the smartphone. The software provided by smartphone manufacturers has been poorly optimized for performance and includes many unnecessary applications. That’s why some users preferred to install a customized firmware, which worked much faster and often had a newer Android. However, many applications today check whether the user’s smartphone is rooted. Both Netflix and virtually every banking application do it. If the program you are using detects that the smartphone has an unlocked bootloader, it will stop working. Therefore, the functionality prepared by HMD Global should be used only by those who are fully aware of the consequences associated with unlocking the bootloader. This operation is irreversible, and its incorrect execution can damage the smartphone.

Source: Nokia