Facebook Messenger is a terribly overloaded application. It contains a lot of modules, which for many people are not useful at all. Messenger has long since ceased to be a mere messenger. Unfortunately, this application dreadfully erases older phones. That is why Messenger Lite has come up with only basic functionality, but it uses much less resources.

The Messenger Lite application was released in early October last year, but it was not available to everyone. It is true that everyone could download and install it from the APKMirror site. However, it is a very inconvenient solution because you have to remember to install updates yourself. However, it is not the case that Mark Zuckerberg did not like us. Messenger Lite has been designed for developing countries with low budget and mid-range smartphones, where mobile Internet is a slow and luxury service. This is for example countries like India, where 4G LTE networks are only coming out, and most people still use 2G GSM.

Facebook Messenger Lite is available in 150 new countries.

Did Facebook finally hear the voices of people who complain about Messenger being too messed up? Not everyone like these all Snapchat features. It is true that the announced integration with Spotify looks interesting, but not everyone cares about this. For many people, Messenger is a must-have application because all friends use Facebook. But that is no reason to clutter your phone. The Messenger Lite installer weighs only 4 MB, which is 15 times less than the full version of the application. By contrast, after installation, the communicator will only consume about 15 MB space on our smartphone instead of over 250 MB. Curiously? Of course, this also involves lower RAM and CPU usage. Messenger Lite also consumes a lot less packet data, so it works without a problem via the 2G network. In many countries this is not a problem, but each one of us will be pleased to see lower consumption of the data packet.

Source: David Marcus