Everyone expected that after the launch of iPhone X on the market will start appearing more and more smartphones with face recognition systems. However, most of them will offer fairly simple solutions based on image recognition algorithms. Huawei challenges Apple and announces its own Face ID version with a 3D face recognition that will be more accurate than the solution currently implemented in the iPhone X.

Huawei, while presenting a new flagship, Honor V10, also decided to share information about new innovative solutions. Among them is a new 3D face recognition system, which is based on a set of sensors similar to those found in Face ID from Apple. This is another miniaturized Kinect that works on an infrared projector that illuminates your face. Of course, Huawei immediately indicated that the new system would be accurate enough to be used not only to unlock smartphones, but also to authorize electronic transactions.

Huawei Honor Face ID

Huawei’s Face ID system scans the face using as much as 300,000 points.

Creating a high-resolution digital model of user’s face will take up to 10 seconds. This information suggests that Huawei is aiming to achieve 10x the resolution of face scans than is the case with Apple. In the Face ID press release, there is information that this system casts 30,000 invisible dots on the user’s face. However, at this stage, it is difficult to determine whether Huawei will actually develop a more accurate face recognition system. Surely it is supposed to be fast. The smartphone unlock is 400 ms, which is only 2 times slower than the fingerprint reader used by Huawei.

Huawei Honor Face ID emoji

The new Chinese system also provides specially prepared animated emoji that reflect the facial expressions of the user. In this case Huawei boasts not only better looking avatars but also a mechanism for detecting tongue out. Unfortunately, Huawei has not revealed yet which smartphone will be first equipped with the new system and whether it will replace the fingerprint reader.

Huawei Honor Face ID emoji

Source: WinFuture