If you have a device equipped with an old Android system, and it is exposed to the outside world, soon you will not have to worry about your data safety. With the new application of Edward Snowden, we will no longer have to worry about people who will want to get involved in our privacy.

Heaven is a new open-source project run by Snowden in collaboration with the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Guardian Project. All work on the new application is recorded in the GitHub repositories, and a full description, specification, and download links can be found on the organization site.

Heaven is not a typical security application

The Heaven application will not make our device defence fortress or safe against any kind of manipulation. Instead, it will use our old device, preferably unused, but equipped with all kinds of sensors, turning them into a multi-functional security gadget. The application, having access to practically every piece in the phone, can fully record the work as well as the environment in which the device is located. The Heaven app will take over the accelerometer, camera, microphone, light sensor and also the actual charging status of the device. All this to save and forward the full event log through the Tor Onion service, which will allow fully anonymous communication after getting to the network. If there are any complications in some way, the application is also able to send a notification via SMS or write message with the help of an application for secure messaging, as in this case Signal.

What can we need for Heaven?

The use of an application such as Heaven requires us to think a little beyond the scope of our everyday life. Our refreshed device can be used to monitor the movement in our room, but also to a more pleasant thing, such as monitoring our baby in the cradle. Everything depends on us. A good protection may also be to leave such a device on a laptop. Then, any observed traffic can inform us that someone has removed the device from our computer, and it is very likely that it has just launched it. Maybe the device itself will not stop intruders or prevent them from interfering, but it will use multiple device sensors to register what is happening.

Currently, Haven only works with Android devices. The project website points out that iOS support is a hope for the future, but for now the best thing you can do is use an Apple device to receive alerts from the application.

Source: Haven