I can not wait for introduction of this functionality in our country. What most I do not like to drive a car around town, this is searching of free parking space. Sometimes, even parking sensors and camera do not help, because there is simply no space where to park. Other drivers risk leaving their vehicles in prohibited places. Fortunately, Google Maps will be able to determine the difficulty in finding a parking space and thus help us to plan a trip.

Google anonymously collects information about our position. As a result, we can check the best time when to go to the gym. You can also check when the smallest crowd in the nearby mall and which way to drive to not stand in traffic jams. In the same way Google will determine the occupancy of parking lots. Although Google Maps will not display the exact number of free parking spaces, but it will tell you whether it is worthwhile at all to go to the parking lot. It may be that 100 meters away is much easier to find free space.

Google Maps parking

Parking is a new option of Google Maps available in 9.44 beta version.

Currently, only selected users are able to use new feature. The principle of operation is quite intuitive. The application determines the chance to find free space on the parking lot and tells you about it with one of three messages. When Google Maps recognize that we have virtually no chance of finding a place on the parking lot, then it will display Limited message and use red colour. In the case of medium or easy availability of spaces, a parking will be marked in blue.

Google Maps parking tags

Currently it is not known when Google will release new functionality. The puzzle is also whether after completion of tests, a new option will be available in all countries.

Source: AndroidPolice