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Speed Test is the best tool for Internet connection speed measurements. This platform provides you accurate and reliable engine for your network diagnosis. The engine first selects the best server for you to achieve the best possible results.

After start (power) button is clicked, the ping to remote server is checked. Ping is very important factor for connection quality and tells you how fast the network react for your query. Ping result is provided in ms (miliseconds) and the lower value is better. Then download and upload speeds are measured. The results tells you how fast you can get or send a data to the Internet, respectively. The values are presented in Mbps (mega bits per second) and the higher value is better.

How to improve
Speed Test results?

Before starting the test, make sure you are close enough to the wireless router if you use any. If your connection speed should be above 20 Mbps, please connect to the network via cable if you use WiFi. And finally - check if your power scheme is set to full performance if you have not so fast hardware.

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