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Latest Speed Test results
Time Country ISP Ping Download Upload Link
13:09:53 PH Globe Telecom 9703 ms 2.45 Mb/s 0.50 Mb/s view
13:09:44 PH ComClark Network & Technology Corp 109 ms 9.04 Mb/s 3.78 Mb/s view
13:09:40 PH Philippine Long Distance Telephone 172 ms 9.69 Mb/s 10.50 Mb/s view
13:09:15 PH Philippine Long Distance Telephone 285 ms 0.58 Mb/s 0.23 Mb/s view
13:09:00 PH Philippine Long Distance Telephone m 177 ms 19.89 Mb/s 15.53 Mb/s view
13:07:52 PH Philippine Long Distance Telephone 258 ms 36.23 Mb/s 25.03 Mb/s view
13:07:18 PH Smart Broadband 288 ms 0.36 Mb/s 0.14 Mb/s view
13:06:58 PH Globe Telecom 399 ms 3.43 Mb/s 0.10 Mb/s view

SPEED TEST for broadband Internet connection

Speed Test is the best tool for Internet connection speed measurements. This platform provides you accurate and reliable engine for your network diagnosis. The engine first selects the best server for you to achieve the best possible results.

After start (power) button is clicked, the ping to remote server is checked. Ping is very important factor for connection quality and tells you how fast the network react for your query. Ping result is provided in ms (miliseconds) and the lower value is better. Then download and upload speeds are measured. The results tells you how fast you can get or send a data to the Internet, respectively. The values are presented in Mbps (mega bits per second) and the higher value is better.

This Internet Speed Test uses native HTML5 technology. You don't need any additional plugins like Flash or Java.

How to improve Speed Test results?

First of all - check if nothing is using your Internet connection before test!

Before starting the test, make sure you are close enough to the wireless router if you use any. If your connection speed should be above 20 Mbps, please connect to the network via cable if you use WiFi. And finally - check if your power scheme is set to full performance if you have not so fast hardware.

How to save your test results?

Register a free Speed Test account before begining the test. Your results will be saved to this account. You may export the results in raw CSV file for further analysis in Excel etc.

Best providers in United States

The name of ISP is obtained basing on the user's public IP address and RIPE information.

No. Provider name Avg. Download Avg. Upload
1 CloudMosa 392.66 Mb/s 520.36 Mb/s
2 Google 84.57 Mb/s 6.02 Mb/s
3 Verizon Fios 47.69 Mb/s 43.52 Mb/s

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